Board to Board

Board-to-Board Connectors refers to a series of PCB electrical connectors designed to establish a connection between PC Boards without the need for a cable. They act as a bridge between blocked and isolated circuits, facilitating the transmission of current and signals. These connectors are commonly mated with a female connector (socket) to achieve a board-to-board connection. Additionally, they can be accompanied by a wire harness, enabling a wire-to-board connection.

This connector family includes Pin Headers, Female Headers (Sockets), PC 104 Series, DIN 41612 Series, and Board-to-Board series Machined Pin Headers & Sockets. They find wide applications in computer boards, LCD displays, telecommunication cards, memory cards, digital cameras, radio devices, medical equipment, etc.

Basic types of Pin Headers and Female Headers (Sockets) include different pitch sizes:

Pitch: 0.80mm x 1.2mm (.031 x .047″), Pitch: 1.00mm (.039″), Pitch: 1.27mm (.050″), Pitch: 2.00mm (.079″), Pitch: 2.54mm (.100″), Pitch: 3.96mm (.156″), Pitch: 5.08mm (.200″).

Pin Header (Male)

Female Header (Socket)