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0.80mm x 1.20mm

Read more about 0.80mm x 1.20mm Pitch PIN Headers and Socket

0.80mm x 1.20mm Pitch PIN Headers and Female Header(Socket), contacts from 4 PINs to 40 PINs for the single and dual row, mounting orientations: Straight, Right Angle, etc; Surface Mount(SMT/SMD) & Through-Hole optional.

Varied Housing material available for choice, PBT, PA6T e.g. it depends on the different requirements of temperature withstanding & soldering method, PA6T & LCP normally used in SMT Headers for reflow soldering which requires a higher temperature during the processing; Contacts are made by 0.30mm x 0.30mm square PINs, Copper Alloy material plated by gold plating over nickel, achieving better electrical properties, meanwhile resistant to corrosion.

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