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2.54mm Pin Header

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2.54mm Pitch Pin Header Connector (.100″) available in Single, Dual and Triple row, the Pin numbers range from 1×2~1×40, 2×2~2×40, 3×3~3×40; The standard current rating is 3 Amp, dielectric withstanding is 600VAC, voltage rating: 250V AC RMS;

Mounting Style & Orientation:

Straight/Vertical, Right Angle, Top and Bottom Dual entry available on the 2.54mm Pin Headers; Both Through-Hole (TH) and Surface Mount (SMD) supported;

Through-Hole & Surface Mount (Vertical & Right Angle)

Mounting style of 2.54mm Pitch Pin Header

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is developed from the traditional Thru-Hole Technology (THT), but is different from the THT; From the perspective of assembly technology of Thru-Hole & SMT, the basic difference is the former requires the lead insert through the hole on the board, but the latter is laying on the soldering pad of the board.

On the traditional THT PC Board, the 2.54mm Pin Header and the welding spot are located apart on both sides of the board; However on the SMT PC Board, welding spots and Headers are on the same side, it makes significant improvement of the assembly density of the PC Board. Wayconn offers a wide range of 2.54mm SMT Pin Header Connectors for a variety of Mounting situations.

Elevated 2.54mm Pin Header

Elevated Pin Headers are also known as Board Spacer, in which the dual insulator stacking together achieving an ideal space between two PC Boards. Below is an example of a PC Board that requires 20mm board space, we use an elevated 2.54mm pin header (board spacer), which the stacked height is 10mm, mating with a 10mm profile socket (female header); Wayconn offers a variety of options for the insulator height (profile), through the way of combination with the customized pin length,  any possible board distance could be worked out.2.54mm Elevated Pin Header (Stacked)


  • Insulator: RoHS and Reach compliant PBT, PA6T, LCP
  • Pin: Base material – Brass
  • Plating: Gold plating over Nickel or Tin, Standard plating thickness – Gold flash (Fu”)

Packing style

Loose in Bags, Tube, Tape & Reel; Plastic cap and mylar film optional on the 2.54mm Pin Header Connector serving for automatic picking & placing. (available in Tape & Reel, Tube)

Product Specifications

2.54mm Pin Header Series Specification 2.54mm Pitch Series

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