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RJ45 with Integrated Magnetics

RJ45 with Magnetics Overview:
RJ45 Magnetic Jack is the traditional Modular Jack Connector integrated with the magnetic transformer components, saving space and reducing the procedure of PCB soldering(Traditional Method – RJ45 Jack and isolated transformer soldered separately).

1. Enhancing the signal, achieving a long distance transmission;
2. Isolating the chip from the outside, provide better maintenance and protection(e.g., Lightning Protection;), enhance the ability of anti-interference.
3. Won’t affect each other when a different electrical level is received by the port(e.g., some PHY chips are 2.5 V, some PHY chips are 3.3 V).
In general, the RJ45 Connector with integrated magnetics transformer has the effects of signal transmission, impedance matching, waveform correction, signal noise suppression and improving electrical performance.
1. Transmission Speed: 10/100 & 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet Options available;
2. EMI Spring Tabs(EMI Finger) – Enhancing EMI Suppression;
3. LED Options – Customized color, Bi-colored, Single-LED(Left or Right Only);
4. Latch/Tab Up & Down – Compatibility for Board Design;
5. Mounting Orientation: Side Entry, Vertical(Top Entry);
6. Varied configurations of Ports: Single Port, Multi-Port, Stacked Magnetic RJ45, Magnetic RJ45 with USB;
7. SMT, Offset – Low Profile Design Available;
8. Power over Ethernet – POE & POE Plus, IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at compliant;
9. FCC Compliance: Part 68 Sub Part F;
10. RoHS Compliant;
RJ45 with Magnetics Jack commonly used in the field of Networks, Routers, Data Servers, Set-Top Boxes, Personal Computers, Medical Equipments/Devices

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