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RJ45 PCB Connector

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RJ45 PCB Socket Connector, Shielded & Unshielded, through Hole PCB Jack, Single-Port 1X1;


Right Angle, Side Entry, also known as 180 degrees or horizontal, which the Jack sits vertically on the PC Board, the Entry Orientation is parallel to the PC Board. Positions Loaded: 8P8C, 10P8C.

Positions configurations

The standard RJ45 PCB Connector (rj45 without Magnetics or Transformers) has 2 configurations of the positions and contacts loaded: 10P8C and 8P8C;


Fμ(Gold flash),1μ”,3μ”,6μ”,15μ”,30μ”,50μ”…, if you have special requirement for gold plating, please kindly contact us.

Shielding & EMI Finger

Overview of Shielding:

The Shield can provide mechanical protection of the RJ45 PCB Connector, together with the EMI Tabs around the Jack Port can ensure a better high-frequency short-circuit between Shielding and the Panel, reducing the noise and radiation, improving EMI performance, and provide an effective grounding of the RJ45 PCB Socket Connector.

We have both RJ45 PCB Connectors with and without shielding; Different numbers of EMI finger options are available;


Different colors of the built-in LED indicator are available, green, yellow, and orange color, G/Y or Y/G, Bi-color LED and one side LED options are available.

Low Profile & Ultra-Low Profile PCB Connector

We have an ultra-low profile RJ45 PCB Connector which the overall height can achieve 11.0mm, and 11.5mm, 12.5mm height available; It can help to reduce the overall height above the PCB, suitable for the small and low-profile device;


Housing material:

PBT, PA66, PA46, high-temperature nylon UL94V-0, Black, Grey and Yellow color available;

Shielding Material:

0.2mm Thickness Copper Alloy with Nickel Plated. (ROHS Compliant)


ADSL Modems, Routers, Switches, TV Set-Top Box, etc.

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