RJ45 Modular Jacks

Wayconn Manufacture and supply a wide range of RJ45 Modular Jack Connectors, Standard Modular Jacks without Magnetics or Transformers; Single, Multi-Port RJ45, Stacked RJ45 Modular Jacks, LED & EMI Options, SMT, Low Profile & Offset design;

RJ45 Modular Jack overview

The standard RJ45 Modular Jack Connector has many configurations of the positions and contacts loaded: 8P8C, 10P8C, and 10P10C; Glod plating thickness: Fμ(Gold flash), 1μ”,3μ”, 6μ”, 15μ”, 30μ”, 50μ”…, standard thickness is Fu”, if you have special requirements of gold plating, please contact us for details.

Housing material: PBT, PA66, PA46, high-temperature nylon UL94V-0, Color: Black, Grey; Customized colors supported;
Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze 0.46mm Round Pin;
Shielding Material: 0.20mm thickness copper alloy, plated with nickel

Multi-ports also known as ganged jacks, numbers of ports from 1×2, 1×4, 1×5, 1×6, 1×8, etc…

Stacked RJ45 Jacks has dual rows, provide a wide option of numbers of the ports: 2×1, 2×2, 2×4 2×6, 2×8, etc… Integrated structure help to save more room in the narrow and small device. Widely used in routers and switches.

Technical Options of RJ45 Modular Jack

Mounting Orientations

1. Top Entry, Vertical Mount, 180°
The face of the RJ45 Jack Socket is vertical to the PC Board.

2. Right Angle, Horizontal Mount, 90°
The Jack sits vertically on the PC Board, the Entry Orientation is parallel to the PC Board.

RJ45 Orientations

Shielded & Unshielded RJ45 Modular Jack

Shielding provides mechanical protection and a more effective grounding for the modular jack.

Shielded & Unshielded RJ45

Solder tail types

1. Through Hole
2. SMT (Surface Mount)

Solder tail types

LED Options of RJ45 Modular Jack

Generally used for indicating link activity, data status, and network speed, Link up, Link down, and transmission speed.
Different colors of the LED indicators are available; Green, Yellow, Orange, Bi-color LED and one side LED are all available for choosing.

LED Options of RJ45 Modular Jack

Tab-up and Tab-down RJ45

Mating options between the modular plug and socket, also known as Latch-up, Latch-down.

Tab-up and Tab-down RJ45

RJ45 EMI Fingers options

Achieving a better high-frequency short-circuit between Shielding and the Panel, reducing the noise and radiation, improving EMI performance.

RJ45 EMI Fingers options

Offset / Sink Type RJ45 Modular Jack

Reducing the overall height of the RJ45 above the PCB, having a great advantage on the Ultra-Thin devices.

RJ45 Offset / Sink Type