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1.27mm Pin Header

Read more about 1.27mm Pitch Pin Header (.050″) Connectors

1.27mm Pitch Pin Header (.050″) are available in single and dual rows, right angle, and vertical mounting orientations; contact numbers from 1*1 ~ 1*40, 2*2 ~ 2*80; There’re two main mounting methods: Through-Hole & SMT/SMD…

Through-Hole Mount

The through-hole mount is the process by which the leads of 1.27mm Pin headers are inserted into the holes drilled on the PCB, which usually handled manually by wave solder process; Its advantage is obvious – the header soldered and mounted extremely secured, and cause fewer issues during processing; The problem is also noticeable, it requires drilling holes in the bare PCB, and usually can’t be automatic pick up and place, which cost more time and money during the process.

Surface Mount

1.27mm SMT/SMD Pin header Connectors don’t need holes drilled on the PCB, it has the placement Cap on the top surface, can be automatically pick-up and place, significantly speed up the process of assembly.

Basic types of 1.27mm Pin Headers

1.27mm Pitch Pin Header Connector

PCB Orientation options

Varies PCB orientations of 1.27mm Pin Header for clients’ requirements of different applications.
1.27mm PCB Orientation


  • Length of Matting Lead – We offer standard selective length for the lead, also accept the requirements of customizing, requires a reasonable moq.;
  • The height of the insulator – We have various selective height for 1.27mm pitch pin header: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm;
  • Optional Locating Pegs/Post and Pick & Place Cap or Mylar;
  • Missing Pins of the headers; e.g. every other position with a missing pin;(stagger type)
  • Elevated options of the pin header (also known as Board Spacer), can achieve whatever stacking height you want.

Qualified Material


We use high-quality UL proved material for the insulators (UL 94V-0), capable of wide temperature operating range from -40°C to +105°C, and our 1.27mm Pin Header is available for the reflow soldering process which requires 230°C for 30-60 second(260°C for 5-10 second), by PA6T or LCP Material; Insulation resistance is 500 mΩ Min.


The Pin is made of Copper Alloy, with the processing of gold plating over nickel, achieving a better contact and anti-corrosion; Standard current rating is 1 Amp.

Packing Style

Generally, we have 4 different types of packing style for the Headers:

  • PE Bag;
  • Tray;
  • Tube;
  • Tape & Reel

Different packing materials and packing styles ensuring the safe delivery of the goods to our customers; Tape & reel packing specially for the SMT connectors for the clients who have the requirements of auto assembly.

1.27mm SMT Pin Header Packing Style:

The connectors are loaded in the cavities and covered by the Tape; The reel is wrapped by the vacuumized aluminum foil bag, which can protect the headers from oxidation and static; Every 2 reels are packed in a flat box.
1.27mm SMT Pin Header Packing Style

Customized Tape & Reel Cavity:

We design and customize the Tape & Reel for our clients according to their required connectors. Once the clients have made the model selection and confirm the dimensions, we will be tooling for the tape & reel. The proper size of the cavity is very important. The 1.27mm Pin Headers will be preload to the reel and delivered to the clients’ side, can be immediately accepted by the production line of automatic placement systems. It also ensures safety during transportation.

Tape & Reel Cavity for 1.27mm Pin Headers

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