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2mm Pin Header

2mm Pitch Pin Header (0.079″) are available in Single, Dual, triple rows, 2mm pitch means the spacing between Positions, Pins, and rows is 2.00mm (0.079″); Contacts and positions from 1*1 ~ 1*40, 2*2 ~ 2*80; Both available in Straight, Vertical, Bottom Entry, Right Angle Orientations;

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Mounting Methods
Like other range headers, There’s two mounting style of 2mm Pitch Pin Header Connector – Through-Hole (TH) & Surface mount (SMT / SMD); SMD speed up the assembly processing, significantly saving the time and labor cost; Both styles Straight/Vertical and Right Angle orientations available;

1. Pin Length – 0.50mm Square Pin for 2mm pitch connector, the length can be customized specifically as customers’ requirement;
2. Profile & Height of the insulator for 2.00mm Pitch: 1.50mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm;
3. Positions from 1×1 ~ 1×40, 2×1 ~ 2×40, 3×1 ~ 3×40;
4. With or without Locating Pegs/Post;
5. Picking-up Cap – for auto pick-up machine.
6. Customized Packing: Loose in Bag, Tray, Tube, Tape & Reel;
7. Customized Plating: Tin, varied level of gold plating.

Elevated Header
2mm Pin Header Connector also supports the elevated style; Elevated pin header is also known as board spacer, stacked – Dual insulator stacking together, provide a variety of dimension choices, and with the help of varied profile/thickness of the insulator, the different requirements of the distance between the PCB can be easily customized;

Housing Material
We use high-quality UL proved material for insulators (UL 94V-0), capable of wide temperature operating range from -40°C to +105°C, and our 2mm Pitch Connectors are available for the reflow soldering process which requires 230°C for 30-60 second (260°C for 5-10 second), by PA6T or LCP (Liquid Crystal polymer), Material; Insulation resistance is 1000 mΩ Min.

Contact Material
The Pin is made of Copper Alloy, with the processing of golding plating over nickel, achieving a better contact and anti-corrosion; Pin size: Square Pin – 0.50mm; Standard current rating is 1.5 Amp.

Packing Style
Tube (with Caps on both ends), tape & reel packing, available for all the 2mm SMT/SMD Pin Header, which with the pick-up cap on the top for automatic pick & place.

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