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RJ45 SMT Jack Connector

RJ45 SMT/SMD Jack Connector also know as Surface mount RJ45 Jack Connector. The common method “Thru-Hole” is mostly used in soldering the RJ45 Modular Jacks, it is also called Thru-Hole Mounting (THM), which means the solder tails or leads insert to the holes on the plate, so it requires the holes drilled on the bare PCB, this process will increase the cost and spend more time; But it is different from the surface mount(SMT/SMD), the SMT RJ45 modular jacks soldered to the pads on the surface of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). It has great advantages to speed up the process, you don’t have to get each contact insert to the holes of PCBs and solder on the opposite, the connector can be automatically pick-up and placed to achieving a fast assembly.

Flat PINs replaced the round pins on SMT/SMD RJ45 Jack Connector, and the gold plating thickness starts from 3u”.

SMT RJ45 Jack Series contains most of the common style, Side Entry, RJ45 Vertical SMT, Shielded, SMT RJ45 w/ LED, etc.

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