RJ11 PCB Sockets

Wayconn is the manufacturer & Supplier of various RJ11 PCB sockets, also known as RJ11 PCB Mount Jack, telephone jack, RJ9, RJ12, RJ14, RJ25, widely used in the application of telephone equipment.
RJ11 Series include the normal RJ11 PCB Socket Connector, RJ11 SMT Connector and Vertical RJ11 Connector;

Position Configurations:

6 Positions and 4 Positions available; RJ11 4P4C Socket also called RJ22 Socket or RJ11 telehone jacks, has 4 Positions Loaded with 4 Contacts; RJ11 6P Scoket, has configurations of RJ11 6P2C, RJ14 6P4C and RJ25 6P6C, 6 Positions Loaded with 2, 4, 6 Contacts;

Ports Configurations:

Single Port, Multi-Port, 2XN / Stacked RJ11;


Housing material:

PBT, PA66, PA46, high-temperature nylon UL94V-0, Black, Grey and Yellow color available;

Shielding Material:

0.20mm thickness copper alloy, plated with nickel


The mounting orientation is Right angle and Top Entry, Also known as horizontal Mount (180°), Vertical Mount(90°). Single Port, Multi-Port, shielded & unshielded version is available for your choice.

How to name:

Different manufacturer named it differently. Generally we called RJ11 PCB Socket, also there’re RJ9, RJ12, RJ14, RJ22, RJ25 named base on the different configurations by different manufacturers.


  • RJ11 6P2 Socket: 6 positions 2 positions loaded;
  • RJ14 6P4: 6 positions, 4 positions loaded;
  • RJ22 4P4 Socket: 4 positions, 4 positions loaded;
  • RJ25 6P6: 6 positions, 6 loaded.


  • RJ11 6P2C;
  • RJ12 6P6C;
  • RJ13 6P4C;
  • No RJ-9 or RJ-22