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SFP Cage Connectors

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The SFP cage is designed to support the high speed interconnect system of Small Form-factor Plugable transceivers. It was composed of 20 Pin Connector and metal cage, supporting the data rate up to 2.5 Gbps Gigabit.


Single, multi-port & stacked SFP Cage is designed to make the maximum use of the limited space, available for PCB thru-hole soldering, easy and fast press-fit, adapt to a belly-to-belly mounting;

LED Light Pipe

LED light pipe assembly options available;

Heat Sink

Heat sink functions available for all configurations, which provides high-efficiency thermolysis on super high-speed transmission applications.

EMI Suppression

EMI Spring Fingers, clips, and multiple grounding pins all designed to provide more conductive connections between the inner surface of the SFP cage and module shell, achieving a better grounding, providing protection from electromagnetic interference(EMI); In addition, we offer 360° elastomeric gasket option which can provide superior EMI suppression.

SFP Connector

The SFP Connector has 20 pins, a pitch of 0.8 mm, high-temperature resistant housing material, hot-plugging; It is designed to achieving the connection between the transceiver and the PC Board; surface mount design, tape & reel packing for picking up & place for quick auto-assembly.

Functional Description

The SFP Cage & SFP Connector is used for a data communication network interface, achieving signal connection of the SFP module and motherboard and locking the SFP module on the device.

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