Stacked SFP 2X5 Cage ASSY with Light Pipe Options

Stacked SFP 2X5 Cage ASSY with Light Pipe Options
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Material: Copper Alloy
Numbers of Ports: 2X5 / Stacked
Light Pipe: Optional
Termination: Press Fit
EMI: Spring fingers
Mounting Type: Through Hole, R/A
Packing: Tray

Product overview

SFPA-PTE25XX is Stacked SFP 2X5 Cage ASSY with Light Pipes, Press Fit Termination, w/ EMI spring fingers; cage dimensions: 63.25mm * 71.50mm * 25.00mm.

SFP 2X5 Cage ASSY Light Pipe Options

Stacked SFP 2X5 Cage Light Pipes Options

Part Number Configurations
SFPA-PTE2511 with Inner/Outer Light Pipes
SFPA-PTE2501 without Light Pipes √
SFPA-PTE2512 with Outer Light Pipes
SFPA-PTE2513 with Inner Light Pipes


2X5 SFP Cage Receptacle Drawing

Stacked SFP 2X5 Cage Light Pipes Drawing


Electrical Performance
Current Rating 0.5 Amp
Voltage Rating 3.3 V AC
Insulation Resistance 1000 MΩ Min
Withstand Voltage 300 V DC OR AC PEAK 50 Hz or 60 Hz /minute
Contact Resistance 70 mΩ Max.
Mechanical Specifications
Insertion/ Extraction Force 40N Max/11.50N Max
Durability 40N Max/11.50N Max (Repeatedly insert and Extract the optical module 100 times at a rate of 500 times per hour)
Retention force 90~170N
Insertion force/ Retention force (Per PIN with PCB by Press-fit ) 30N Max/8N Min
Press Fit force with PCB(All Pins) 500N Max
Contact normal force 0.30N Min
Durability 100 cycles Min.
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ +85°C
Storage Temperature -55°C ~ +105°C (Relative humidity<80%)
Storage Time 12 months
Plastic Housing PBT( ) PA46( ) PA66( ) LCP(✓)
Flammability rating UL94V-0(✓) UL94V-1( ) UL94V-2( ) UL94-HB( )
Termination Phosphor bronze, gold plating over nickel
Selective Gold plating Fu( ) G/F( ) 3u( ) 6u( )15u( ) 30u( ) 50u( )

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