Unshielded Offset RJ45, Profile: 5.3mm

Unshielded Offset RJ45, Profile: 5.3mm
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Part No.: MJ7012T-8800XXX
Jack Type: RJ45
PCB Mount Type: SMT
Positions Loaded: 8P8C
Mounting Orientation: Right Angle
Shield: no Shield
Above PCB(Profile): 5.3mm
Sinking: 6.1mm

Unshielded RJ45 Offset H=5.3 Model

MJ7012T-8830XXX is Tab Down Unshielded offset RJ45 Connector, SMT Type, Reverse Mounting, Flat PIN, Selective gold plating thickness start from 3u; with Locating Pegs, Total Height: 11.40mm, Above PCB Height: 5.3mm, Sinking Board(Profile): 6.1mm.

Product drawing:

Unshielded Offset RJ45, H=5.3 Drawing


Housing Material High Temp Nylon, LCP, UL94V-0
Contact Material Phosphor Bronze t-0.35mm
Contact Plated Selective Gold Plating on Contact Area
Gold Plating Thickness 1μ”, 3μ”,6μ”, 15μ”, 30μ”, 50μ”
Shielding 0.2~0.25mm Tin-plated Copper Alloy
Voltage Rating 150 V AC RMS
Current Rating 1.5 Amp
Contact Resistance 40mΩ Max.
Insulation Resistance 500MΩ Min. @ 500 VDC
Dielectric Withstanding Resistance 1000 VAC RMS 50Hz/60Hz, 1 Min.
Insertion force 2 contacts=350g 4 contacts=500g 6 contacts=750g
8 contacts=900g 10 contacts=1050g
Retention 7.7kg Between Plug & Receptacle
PCB Retention Force 10 LBS Min.
Durability 750 Mating Cycles Min.
Storage Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Operation Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Category and Tags: RJ45 Offset Connector

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